Get your She RISES workbook created to get clarity on where you are today, envision where you want to be tomorrow, discover what's holding you back, and set an intention to help you RISE and claim your abundant life.

We are here to serve and support you. If you are female leader of color, we can help you elevate.


She RISES: Tap Into Your Power A signature RISE Together evaluation method designed to evaluate what mindsets, limiting beliefs, behaviors, and/or experiences that might be impacting your confidence, authority, and ability to create and seize opportunities. Here you will better understand your truth, envision yourself in the future, identify barriers that may hold you back, and set an intention to rise above obstacles and manifest your heart’s desires.


She RISES: Cultivating Leadership from the Inside Out A 6-week program that includes a “Done with you” Elevation plan designed to help you redefine yourself, set clear goals, and determine the steps needed to step up and out as a leader and within your personal and professional life. It includes identification of the unique challenges we face as women of color, self-exploration to name beliefs and barriers to growth, tactical solutions, a game plan, and resources to support the execution of the plan.

You will walk away feeling confident and capable of embracing your voice, power, as well as gain the ability to individually and collectively take action for change. Get more information by joining the waitlist today!

You want more? Tired of wavering back and forth? Join a group of like-minded women in the She RISES Program. If you’re ready to advance, take the first step today.


She RISES SisterCircle Do you want to show up as your whole or best self? Do you understand that this first starts with you? She RISES SisterCircle is a 12-month membership for mid- to senior-level female leaders of color in non-profit, social enterprise, and/or faith organizations looking to become more impactful change makers. Members receive ongoing accountability, training, a monthly action plan, and unique collaboration opportunities as you grow into a greater version of yourself and seek to make a difference through your service.